Hard sulphuric anodising produces a thick film that is highly abrasion resistant due to its surface hardness. As a thicker and tougher surface finish, it is typically applied to heavy wear critical parts intended for use in aggressive or highly corrosive applications as a coating likeness to hard faced or case hardened steel.

The hard anodised process can be honed, ground or lapped in house by Nasmyth Group specialists to a finished size with micron accuracy. Generally, hard anodized parts have coatings which exceed 10 μm (0.01 mm or 0.00004 inches) with typical coatings exceeding 25 μm (0.025 mm or 0.0001 inches).

Nasmyth’s commendable facilities and technical expertise cater for anodizing at controlled temperatures: For Type II sulphuric anodising, the acid bath is between 60-68° F; the temperature often rising during the anodizing process. For type III hard anodizing, the temperature is chilled and is strictly between 34-40°F.

All procedures carried out at Nasmyth are carried out in accordance to updated certifications and approvals to the highest standards, including military standards.

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