Nasmyth TMF

Nasmyth TMF offers our customers complete metal finishing, painting, non-destructive testing and project management on even the most complex projects. A Nadcap certified metal finisher set apart by our unique masking capabilities and non-destructive testing. Over 55 years in the industry has allowed Nasmyth TMF to develop a reputation for reliability, precision and speed combined with lean certified project management and complete end-to-end services.

Complex Masking

Nasmyth Group continually refine this critical element of the finishing process. Masking specific areas allows multiple finishes to be applied in close proximity to the same part, allowing one area to be anodized while the rest of the part remains intact. We use masking resins that are formulated to provide superior surface protection and chemical resistance during chemical processes. Nasmyth Group’s capability to mask and seal all components in one step provides efficiency and cost reduction to our services.

Dry Film Lubricants

Supporting manufacturing provisions for aerospace and automotive markets, Nasmyth Group offers complete dry film lube solutions executed by our specialised technicians to meet customers specific requirements. Backed by our integrated supply chain, we can offer total end-to-end solutions supervised by our lean supervise project managers.

Etch Primer

Serving as an effective base for coat for epoxy finishes, epoxy primer is a simple solution to corrosion offered by Nasmyth Group that promotes component longevity. Nasmyth’s primers feature enhanced filiform corrosion resistance and can be chosen over other coatings to avoid the need to de-oxidise surfaces. 

Fluorescence Penetrant Inspection (FPI)

For vivid detection of minute flaws of smooth surface tight pored metals, the contrast of this chemical application accurately validates presence of defects as a safe approved non-destructive test carried out by Nasmyth Group expertise. Nasmyth carry out a variation of non-destructive tests scientifically designed to suit the material and surface type in accordance to the types of suspected damage to form a clear diagnosis.


Grit Blasting

Nasmyth Group provide a grit blasting service in a variation of mediums to fully remove corrosion, paint and mould flash from surfaces as a crucial pre-treatment operation useable for an array of components. This high pressured pneumatic action combined with a selected abrasive material deburrs contoured machined parts and gives a matte finish.

Grit blasting services are undertaken in house at Nasmyth alongside our specialist paint services to the highest standards at full Nadcap approvals and company requirements.


Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

Nasmyth Group provides this thorough service for subsurface detection within ferromagnetic materials and alloys by direct or indirect magnetization. Application of ferrous particles in differing arrangements to the tested components give accurate identification of fault presence by leak of magnetic flux, with aid of ultraviolet light to present the location of the ferrous particle build up. These non-destructive actions tailored to your specifications by our highly accredited technicians provide a detailed, approved analysis.


Nasmyth Group action a full masking service, with the complete design of hard and soft processes for masking, including jig and rack design. Using a variety of best-in class products and services, Nasmyth are able to offer a refined finishing processes, ensuring all services meet customer requirements and our full Nadcap certifications.

Paint Spray & Stoving

Nasmyth Group specialise in paint spray of complex components. Each of our paint processes are based around conventional spray applications, meeting exact customer specifications. With both organic based paints such as enamel, dry film lubricant and hot hard anti adherent, through to water based sacrificial corrosion resistant paint used by our in-house team of technicians, each component is finished to the highest standards.

Salt Spray

Shot Peening

As a preventative to fatigue, Nasmyth’s shot peening service has similarities to grit blasting, by surface optimization through an abrasive action using a variety of mediums with pneumatic pressure. This process hammers the material surface to compress the upper layers of the material thus promoting longevity through prevention of stress corrosion and fatigue cracks.

Nasmyth Group can apply this action to multiple components upon a scale of envelope sizes. This fatigue strengthening method is carried out by our extensively trained technicians in house to the highest standards to increase strength of mobile parts across diverse industries.

Supply Chain Integration

Nasmyth Group is a high-performance, well-established partner in the supply chain integration sector. We have strong relationships that support our core philosophy to meet the demands of our customers. In order to maintain our excellence in supply chain integration, Nasmyth provides a flexible approach, enabling us to adapt to customers’ changing requirements and manage the supply chain accordingly.

Nasmyth’s products keep a range of specialist equipment working to its full potential while our world-class service ensures our customers’ demands are met. Our supply chain integration capabilities allow us to provide a single order concept for the most complex assemblies and demanding finishing processes. Nasmyth Group’s policy of continuous improvement sees each project appointed to a Customer Project Manager who will oversee and control the supply chain for our customers.

We organise transportation and packaging logistics around the requirements of our customers while using bespoke, reusable packaging throughout the supply chain. This enables our project managers and customers to verify products without tampering with the packages.


Flexible solutions

Nasmyth TMF specialises in metal treatments with an outstanding reputation for reliability, precision quality and rapid turnaround times. From our state-of-the-art facility in Valencia, California, we are ideally placed to serve the West Coast of the USA, Canada as well as the North American Markets, backed by the Nasmyth Group’s unrivalled capabilities around the globe. Our adaptive approach and flexible work hours, suit customer requirements for a variety of precision industries, offering quality services to each of our customers.


Continuous commitment

Nasmyth TMF has a continuous commitment to quality to continue to offer quality services to each of our customers. Investing significant time and resources to achieve Nadcap accreditation to ensure each solution we offer meets the most stringent methods of quality assurance. Alongside this, we are AQMD approved, committed to ensuring the health of residents in the surrounding areas of our facility. A FAA approved repair station able to meet all customer approvals.