Nasmyth West Middlesex

Nasmyth West Middlesex operates from our facility in Uxbridge to deliver specialised metal coatings along with decorative and corrosion preventative solutions. We are Nadcap approved for chemical processing, honing our ability to provide complete and total services for the aerospace, defence and associated complex industries. Our dedication to the expansion and evolution of our skillset, both as a business as well as individuals, is reflected through our commitment to provide world-class services to our customers; building strong, long-term relationships.


Nasmyth technicians are skilled in application of bright, dull, chromate and olive finishes to enhance the corrosion resistance coating properties and appearance of components and connectors, particularly for the aerospace and automotive industry. Cadmium plating gives the benefit of a smooth, defect free guise.

Electroless Nickel

Perfectly suited to engineering applications, the Nasmyth Group electroless nickel plating technique gives the advantage over electroplating of no flux density or power supply issues. Nasmyth have the capability to provide a uniform distribution of electroless nickel coating for simple to complex parts to give full coverage of the highest standard against wear and corrosion.


Nasmyth Group is specialist in providing top quality protection of your parts from corrosion and wear through utilisation of our variety of anodising treatments. The application of Nasmyth’s range of anodic films can be used to improve adhesion and lubrication for paint primers, as well as tailoring metal aesthetics. Nasmyth Group chromic anodisation opaque softer films that are self-healing and ductile. They are often used as a treatment prior to our specialist painting processes.


This Nasmyth Group oxidisation treatment gives resistance to corrosion for a range of industrial parts. Popular as a protective treatment for aluminum, our sulphuric anodising provides a spectrum of surface finishes, colourings and textures in a diversity of thicknesses.
Nasmyth’s experienced technicians undertake sulphuric anodising to stringent approvals to provide aesthetic, protective and insulative solutions to a variety of components.


In addition to Nasmyth Group services in passivation, we supply chromate conversion coatings Alachrom 1200 and 1000 for application for use as a pre-paint coating for electrical conductivity requirements or application to aluminium to prevent corrosion. These coatings are selected by Nasmyth Group for optimal practice due to provision of a premium foundation for paint and organic components and minimal changes to surface appearance.


Nasmyth Group assures product resistance to the elements through our passivation service. Conforming to industry standards, we present a wide choice of specific methods for optimum protection from corrosion; working with differences in acid types, temperatures and additives to promote oxidisation.

Suited for casted and alloyed aluminium, SurTec 650 is a hexavalent chromium free passivation for aluminium suitable for alloyed and casted aluminium. It is a versatile pre-treatment Nasmyth Group use prior to adhesive applications and laquer services Nasmyth provide. The layer created is a result of easy immersion giving first-rate corrosion protection.

Grit Blasting

Nasmyth Group provide a grit blasting service in a variation of mediums to fully remove corrosion, paint and mould flash from surfaces as a crucial pre-treatment operation useable for an array of components. This high pressured pneumatic action combined with a selected abrasive material deburrs contoured machined parts and gives a matte finish.

Grit blasting services are undertaken in house at Nasmyth alongside our specialist paint services to the highest standards at full Nadcap approvals and company requirements.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

Nasmyth Group provides this thorough service for subsurface detection within ferromagnetic materials and alloys by direct or indirect magnetization. Application of ferrous particles in differing arrangements to the tested components give accurate identification of fault presence by leak of magnetic flux, with aid of ultraviolet light to present the location of the ferrous particle build up. These non-destructive actions tailored to your specifications by our highly accredited technicians provide a detailed, approved analysis.

Fluorescence Penetrant Inspection (FPI)

For vivid detection of minute flaws of smooth surface tight pored metals, the contrast of this chemical application accurately validates presence of defects as a safe approved non-destructive test carried out by Nasmyth Group expertise. Nasmyth carry out a variation of non-destructive tests scientifically designed to suit the material and surface type in accordance to the types of suspected damage to form a clear diagnosis.

Complex Masking

Nasmyth Group continually refine this critical element of the finishing process. Masking specific areas allows multiple finishes to be applied in close proximity to the same part, allowing one area to be anodized while the rest of the part remains intact. We use masking resins that are formulated to provide superior surface protection and chemical resistance during chemical processes. Nasmyth Group’s capability to mask and seal all components in one step provides efficiency and cost reduction to our services.

Salt Spray

X-Ray Flourescents Testing

Conversion Coatings

Alochrom 1200

Surtec 650

Surtec 650V

Passivation of Stainless Steels


Dull Nickel

Excellent for mechanical properties due to material ductility, Dull Nickel is a popular plating choice, resulting in a matt finish that can be polished by Nasmyth Group’s highly experienced technicians to shine as bright nickel. The soft properties of Dull Nickel allow for a fitting material solution to any mobile component.


Key service providers

Nasmyth West Middlesex is a company managed, driven and developed by our people. With extensive experience in the industry, our team is an integral part of the long-term relationships we have built with our customers delivering world-class metal treatments. Since our foundation, we have grown to become a key service provider for surface treatments within the aerospace, defence and associated industries backed by the Nasmyth Groups complementary capabilities.


Effective, economic services

Nasmyth West Middlesex are committed to providing quality products and services that consistently meet and exceed customers’ expectations. To this end our mission statement is:

“To provide World Class standard surface finishes driven by the technology, quality and needs of the Aerospace, Defence and associated industries”

Our reputation rests upon the high quality of our products, our aim is to achieve and maintain the highest standards as effectively and economically as possible across all of our services. Our accreditations include Nadcap, AS9100 Rev-C and ISO-14001, these accreditations ensure we remain at the cutting-edge of the industry.